3B mom with 2A daughter

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My 6-year-old daughter wants curls in the worst way. She is 2A, and begs me to set her hair in foam curlers overnight (I did it once for her ballet recital) so she can have corkscrew curls like mine. I don't want to start that, since she has some nice natural wave. I started CG and decided to have her try it too. Her waves are really showing up in front, around her face, but the back and sides are still pretty straight. Her hair is long, about 1/2 way down her back, and quite thick. Any ideas on how to bring out her curl all over? I'm used to taming curls more than encouraging them!
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    If you figure that out, let me know! :wink:

    Really though, you can't make it more curly than it wants to be, not without a lot of product anyway. I am learning that. :) You could try putting some gel in and scrunching. Maybe she will leave it alone. ;)

    My suggestion is not to treat it the same as yours. (Not that I know how you treat your hair, I just mean waves need different treatment than curls.) Don't use heavy conditioners. Don't leave much in, if any. Don't put oils in her hair, they will also weigh it down. You might want to shampoo 1-2x a week. It seems to help my hair from getting to weighed down.

    You could try putting 2-4 foam curlers in just the front, and see if that much curl makes her happier.

    Good luck! :D
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