No-Poo doesn't work for me!

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I’m modified CG and I’d like to become real CG but the problem is that co-washing doesn’t seems to work for me so I’m oblige to shampoo my hair every time I want to restyle them and I don’t think it’s good even with soft shampoo.
Sometimes, I only water-wash them, and it seems to work pretty well but not as well as with soft shampoo (which provide me more volume).
The problem when I co-washing is that my roots become flat and curls have much less volume, which is sth I’m looking for (I love big hair).

I really want to find a way to have co-washing work for me because I like the definition and softness I get with this method but I want to have a lot of volume at the same time (like with shampoo).

So far, I’ve tried to co-wash with not too heavy conditioner (but still for dry hair). Do you think a lighter conditioner (like for volume or for greasy hair) could do the job?
Or do you think it’s just impossible to have as much volume with co-washing than with shampooing?

Thanks for your help.
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    First, co-washing is definitely not for everyone. If you find your hair looks better if you do a mod routine, then stick with it!

    That being said, how long did you try with no shampoo? Flat and greasy roots are normal as your scalp adjusts to gentle products and not being stripped. This transition period can last up to 6 weeks for some. Try using a light conditioner (v05 will work!) and if it gets gross, add some lemon juice to your co-wash one day. It's mildly clarifying and will help with the grease. Good luck!
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