Better CG clarifier than baking soda that also clears dandruff...

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It's borax! I found out about the last part at a health forum, then when I used it I noticed when I squeezed my hair the liquid came out "milky", it had dissolved any CO, gel and mineral residue from my hair! It's great for people with hard water too.

The way I use it is dissolving one Tbsp. in a cup of boiling water, it has to be VERY hot or the crystals won't dissolve well, then I let it cool to a comfortable temperature and pour it on my scalp and massage it, then whatever's left on the length of the hair and leave it on while I scrub my body, then rinse, condition, etc.

If you're wondering where to find it, some Wal-mart stores carry "20 Mule Team Borax" in the laundry detergent section for around $3. Borax, which is a great source of the mineral boron, is also very helpful for getting rid of any fungal problems, inside or outside the body (can be used to bathe and gargle/rinse, during which some is absorbed), it also kills dust mites, gets rid of smells and makes a good "green" cleanser, especially when mixed with baking soda (in water, of course).
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