poofy ends!

grace_okigrace_oki Posts: 18Registered Users
[FONT=&quot]Whenever I flat iron my hair the ends are poofy. How can I prevent that and keep it “sleek&stright”-“pin straight”? I use a Vidal(?) sasson flat iron, castor oil or got2b blow dry lotion and heat protection spry. :neutral:[/FONT]
~im 1/2 black & 1/2 Japanese = frizzy, curly hair. ive had that from birth up until 6th gr. when a lady offered to Japanese straight perm my hair for free, of course i couldnt say "no" ! i was getting it done for 3 years( about 2-3x per year) until i came to my senses and decided to let my curly roots grow out-that took 2 yrs- on 8/24/2009 i finally cut my hair. Now its short and curly. "loving it" ~:love4:


  • ilaughtoomuchilaughtoomuch Posts: 23Registered Users
    The only thing I can suggest is getting your ends cut. Good luck :)
    3a-3b Hair
    Redken all-soft conditioner
    Leave in conditioner
    KMS curl-up (THE BEST :D)
    KMS flat out hot spiral spray?
    Finger twirling

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