No-Ammonia Hair Color INOA

hairstyleblogkristlehairstyleblogkristle Registered Users Posts: 20
Has anyone heard of the new Loreal Hair Color INOA? It is ammonia-free, which is less damaging than regular color.

Curly haired gals definitely should try this because we need the least amount of damage to keep our curls bouncy.


  • crwrittcrwritt Registered Users Posts: 705 Curl Neophyte
    Ammonia free hair dye is not really less damaging. It just smells better.
  • lina27lina27 Registered Users Posts: 5
    Thanks for the heads up I keep a look out for it.
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  • JohnMassersJohnMassers Registered Users Posts: 3
    Unfortunately, the INOA line is packed with ammonia. If any salon professional actually read the ingredients label for INOA they would see that "Ammonia Hydroxide" is listed on the pre and post shampoo in large amounts. Then, simply look up "Ammonia Hydroxide" in Google or Wikipedia to find that it is simply ammonia and water. Pretty sad how easy it is for a big company like L'Oreal to take advantage of unwitting hairdressers isn't it? Try Organic Color Systems or Henna instead for something that is truly ammonia free. INOA Professional Hair Color Range Contains Ammonia | Organic Salon Systems
  • TsippiTsippi Registered Users Posts: 6
    I have posted separately on Naturally Curly about my Inoa experience and suggest you read my story there. Bottom line is there is a lot of Inoa chatter on the web about bad color, too dark color, no grey coverage, fadage, and, most worrying, bad allergic reactions. All of the above happened to me. Also, do not believe the hype: MEA, which is used in Inoa instead of ammonia, has been around for 80 years. It is not new. Other hair color lines have tried it and dropped it because, quite simply, it does not work well, damages hair, and causes reactions with some people's skin.

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