Stylists: What's a curly teen to do?

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I'm going to need a simple trim it okay just to go to Great Clips like I usually do? The last time I got a hair cut was with a non-franchise stylist who did an excellent job, but she used a non-CG mousse in my hair afterward. That was about a month before going CG.

But before that, I always went to Great Clips, where it costed about $14 to get a haircut. I'm nervous now, because I remember that they always comb/brush my hair before cutting, and that'll really cause a lotttttttt of breakage.

What should I do? Just explain to the styling that they can gently comb my hair, as long as they drench it in detangler? Should I bring my own products? I'm going to feel embarrassed explaining everything...and I just don't have the time or money to look for and pay for a curly stylist. I've never gone to a curly stylist before.

What should I do? Any suggestions?
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    I would say to find a stylist who deal with curly hair but that seems impossible to find where I live so I imagine a lot of people have problems with that.

    Try walking in a salon and "checking" the place out. Find somewhere you think will actually listen to you and yes, maybe you take your own products. Just be friendly and pray for a person who actually still knows what "customer service" means! Talk to them first and go from there.

    Good luck, I feel your pain.

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