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For the last three months I have been doing the CO method with my hair and it is wonderful! I am never using products with sulfates or alcohols again. My hair used to be dry, dull, and nothing but tangles but not anymore. I also have problems with a dry scalp and it used to always be very itchy and irritated but now it is much, much better. I still have flaking though. Does anyone know what I can do to clear up the flaking? Or do I just have to live with it?


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    What conditioner are you using? How often do you co-wash?

    It could be that your conditioner isn't as moisturizing as you need it to be, or you just aren't co-washing enough (this is usually the reason for me getting flaking). You can do a brown sugar scrub (add brown sugar to your co-wash) to mildly exfoliate and get rid of the flakes. This could be temporary though, so I would look into why it's happening.
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    I actually had that problem for awhile, but I found that a sugar scrub did wonders for me. I still flake up once in awhile, but I will just do another scrub when necessary (maybe once a month or so).

    A lot of people use brown sugar, but when I used it I found it didn't exfoliate enough for it to do much for me. I grabbed the regular granulated sugar and used that instead and scrubbed it very strongly into my scalp. SO, for me, the white sugar works, but the brown does not. I think it's because the granules of white sugar are much bigger than those of brown sugar.
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    I use Giovani Tea Tree Triple Threat conditioner twice a week. The rest of the time I wash with water only.

    How do you do a brown sugar scrub?

    Thank you very much for your help! :)

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