Tell us your best smelling products! For fun!

I notice we often all talk about many properties of a shampoo or conditioner or gel or whateva'. Usually we note the smell. I was curious to know what you all think the best smelling products are in any categories and what scent they have.

Feel free to chime in here!

Here's mine:

Best smelling

Shampoo: Sweet Nature by Eddie's Inspiration Shampoo--smells like sweet tarts but sweeter--I could get :drunken: on smelling this! :love10:

Soap or Shampoo Bar or similar: Kathymack's Vanilla Ylang Ylang and Whispering Winds Vanilla Bean Noel soap/shampoo in a jar

Conditioner: Curls Curly Q Coconut Dream Condish best coconut smell ever! Runners up are Komaza Aloe Conditioner--smells kind of flowery sweet but a nice smell and Oyin Honey Hemp which is like an orange creamsicle-YUM!

Spray Moisturizer or Leave In: Tie between Sweet Nature by Eddie Growth Spray and Shescentit Moisture Mist

Stylers (curl creme's, gels, pomades,etc): Oyin Shine and Define - citrusy but sweet and Afroveda Shea Amla--musky and sexy and Curl Junkie Smoothing Gellee--not exactly sure but subtle sweetness

Other not-sure-of-the-category: [buylink=]Deva Set It Free[/buylink]-candy'ish and lovely!

Tell us yours!
FIA 2c/3aFi

Done experimenting! Loving Spiral Solutions products!

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