NEW Tracee Ellis Ross Interview w/Hair Questions

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Here's an excerpt from her new interview in the Oct 2006 issue of Jolie:

Jolie : What do you use for your hair?

Tracee : For the Love of God, woman! [Laughter] If I'm going to wear my hair natural, with my natural curl pattern the best products are Aveda. I use the Cherry/Almond Bark Conditioner and the Deep Penetrating Revitalizer. And I use a Deman brush. There's another amazing product called Mixed Girls, and I use that when my hair is wet and then my hair curls up really nicely. I alternate between the Mixed Girls Leave-In Conditioner and Elixor for when I want to wear my hair natural, you know like wash and go. Now, if I'm going to put heat on my hair, I use Kerastase. It's an intense conditioner. Then I style with Chi Blowdryer and Curling Iron. They're ceramic and they're ionic. And they are what I've used for the last two years. They have changed my hair! I never used to put any heat on my hair because it would ruin the curl pattern. My hair is actually in better condition then where it started.

Jolie : Wow!

Tracee : I also like Kerastse Oleo Relax. I wash my hair with shampoo and then the conditioner and then I put stuff in it once I've blown it out. My hair's like glass. I'm like WHAT! Yes, hair's brilliant!

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