NEW Tracee Ellis Ross Interview

Here's an excerpt from her new interview in the Oct 2006 issue of Jolie:

Jolie : What do you use for your hair?

Tracee : For the Love of God, woman! [Laughter] If I'm going to wear my hair natural, with my natural curl pattern the best products are Aveda. I use the Cherry/Almond Bark Conditioner and the Deep Penetrating Revitalizer. And I use a Deman brush. There's another amazing product called Mixed Girls, and I use that when my hair is wet and then my hair curls up really nicely. I alternate between the Mixed Girls Leave-In Conditioner and Elixor for when I want to wear my hair natural, you know like wash and go. Now, if I'm going to put heat on my hair, I use Kerastase. It's an intense conditioner. Then I style with Chi Blowdryer and Curling Iron. They're ceramic and they're ionic. And they are what I've used for the last two years. They have changed my hair! I never used to put any heat on my hair because it would ruin the curl pattern. My hair is actually in better condition then where it started.

Jolie : Wow!

Tracee : I also like Kerastse Oleo Relax. I wash my hair with shampoo and then the conditioner and then I put stuff in it once I've blown it out. My hair's like glass. I'm like WHAT! Yes, hair's brilliant!

I'm sure she means "Mixed Chicks" right? Does anybody use the Cherry/Almond Bark Conditioner from Aveda? Do you like it? I can't stand the smell!


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