Tyra CONFIRMS Hair Not Natural.

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Well, to settle this thing of is Tyra "natural" or if she isn't... she stated that her hair is not natural. A woman on the Tyra Banks show stood up in the audience and asked her about whether she's natural or not and Tyra explained that she is NOT natural:

Here is where she says that:

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(skip to 7:22 in the video)

Here's the second part:

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It's so funny when the crowd goes.. "OOOOOOHHHH" when they find out that she STILL relaxes her hair and is in fact NOT natural.

Tyra doesn't seem to have any plans to stop relaxing her hair. She said it would take like 5 years for her to grow all her hair out of a relaxer. Guess she's not willing to BC! LOL!


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    lol. That whole explanation was so bizarre to me.
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    Why not just say, "It is the hair that comes out of my head, but not the natural texture." Haha...she sounded so convoluted. It makes me think that she felt guilty.
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