Henna/Katam gloss

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I did a gloss last night using 1 tbsp henna (with a bit of amla) and 1 tbsp katam/buxus mixed with about a cup of conditioner. I left it on for a little more than an hour before rinsing.

I'm fairly happy with the results, but my grey roots are looking a bit yellow, which I don't like.

Do you need to wait a few days for the colour to finalize, just like regular henna applications, or is the colour I have now pretty much it? I should add that I used henna before dye release.


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    Eek. Since you used the henna before letting it release the dye, that's all the color you're going to get out of it. It sounds like the henna was just releasing the dye as it was in your hair, so you only got a fraction of the normal color.

    I would reccomend letting the henna sit for a couple hours on top of a warm oven (in a ceramic/glass bowl of course) with some lemon juice before using it in any way.
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