So In Style Stylin' Barbie Dolls

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Product Features
  • Barbie So In Style Stylin Hair Kara Doll
  • Features aqua curl fiber that makes the hair go from straight to fabulous curls
  • Includes a hair braiding tool, hair extensions, clips, brush and more
  • Comes with a stylists chair
  • Barbie So In Style Stylin Hair will turn girls into the ultimate stylist

Robin Young is going to be talking about the Black Barbie's on her Here and Now show today at noon (on WBUR-FM boston, NPR station). In the preview this morning, she mentioned they come with a little box of relaxer??? Anyone know if this is true? There are no details on the Mattel Barbie Collector site, and just above on Amazon.

Another Mattel Black Barbie was....drum roll....

Oreo Barbie!


I won't be collecting this one!
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  • hunnybeemayhunnybeemay Registered Users Posts: 75
    Oreo Barbie? Seriously?
  • TwoMoonsTwoMoons Registered Users Posts: 754
    Barbie. The nerve, the stigma. Either way... I hate barbie:puker:.
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    My mom detested barbie. Whenever I was little and I asked for them, she made it clear what she thought of barbie. She did buy them for me anyway, but she always called her barbie B*tch. I got the message lol.
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    We had a long discussion about this on the non-hair board... No one mentioned Oreo Barbie though. That's just unreal! *shakes head*
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    they had a Caucasian Oreo barbie too....but yeah, i just think Mattel didn't think that one through very well....

    From what I can tell they don't come with relaxer--they do, however, come with a little spray bottle, curling iron, and straightener--you can curl/straighten the barbie's hair when its wet....maybe she was talking about that??
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