Motions for 4b curly.

ladypladyp Posts: 40Registered Users
Any 4b's that use motions products. A friend suggested it since my hair was breaking off a lot. My hair was so dry and crispy. Anyway on her suggestion I got Motions hair dressing and Motions Anti-breakage lotion. And I must say I love love love them. My fav of the 2 is the hair dressing. made my hair nice and moisturized and did a good job of detangling my hair.


  • VanillaholicVanillaholic Posts: 49Registered Users
    Tell me how the anti-breakage lotion works for you, I want to try it! I get a fishy smell from some of their hair lotions.
    Wiry?, baby fine strands densely packed with different textures and curl diameters seemingly on each individual strand.
  • ladypladyp Posts: 40Registered Users
    The anti-breakage lotion helps to detangle my hair. my breakage has reduced although to be perfectly honest since I am using the 2 products at the same time I can't say for sure which one has reduced the breakage. However you don't have to worry about the smell. The antibeakage lotion smells very good.
  • jeamariajeamaria Posts: 1,851Registered Users
    Are the ingredients CG friendly? I don't wat to go back to silicones, mineral oil or petrolatum; they really dried out my hair.

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