Restart + Cowash question :-)

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To make a long story short:

I tried to do a straight perm on my3a hair early in the summer - fried it literally off - had to get it all cut off into essentially a pixie cut.

So....just got it all whacked off again to get the rest of the straight off (still have like an inch or so in the front, but that is my last big chop...)

Since pretty much starting over with virgin hair now, I want to grow out the right way, with tender loving care and curl loyalty.

Waiting now for my curlmart order (OneC, [buylink=]Re:coil[/buylink], [buylink=]too shea[/buylink]) but need advice on a cowash.

I want something strict CG and NOT foody. I can do vanilla, maybe some coconut, but I can't handle the strawberry, blueberry, etc. I like lavendar, vanilla, and the like, so what is the best CG friendly non foody cheap cowash?

I live in the middle of nowhere so availability is an issue. If I need to order something I want to do it soon. I'm giving my cones a last hurrah until my order comes in, then I'm going to clarify like a madwoman and not look back ;-)

2b (a fine 'n porous wavy)...and finally growing out :-)

Wash: Deva Low-poo
Condish and leave in: OneC or Suave Coconut

Styler: Angell or the Deva foam, sometimes KKKC

Etc: Set It Free as a refresher

Protien: Looking for one

I love hairspray...don't judge


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    Try suave naturals, they have some that aren't 'foody'.
    Not sure what type of hair I have, but it's curly!
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    Do you have a health food store close by? You can usually find CG friendly products there. You will pay more than you would for White Rain or Suave, but less than online. All the Nature's Gate products I have seen are silicone free.

    You can find some interesting stuff at Big Lots, too. It's sort of hit or miss there, though.

    Do you have a Wal-mart with a salon? I'm playing with the Regis Olive Oil conditioner right now and liking it.

    Good luck. I live in a small town, and it can be frustrating at times with the limited choices.
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