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So, last year around November I bleached my hair (no scorning needed, this will NEVER happen again). Now my hair is back to a normal blonde, but my stylist says i stretched it from the damaging bleach. Is there anywway to fix this? My hair looks gross and string because the curl clumps are still there, they're just pretty straight. Help!


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    My hair was mega damaged last October from highlights gone disastrously wrong and the subsequent color correction (involved bleaching etc. done by a so-called professional).

    In the end I chose to chop off a fair amount of length and saved the rest with Aphogee protein treatments, home-made mayonnaise DTs and a complete ban on shampoo and heat. I also do monthly henna/cassia glosses which are helping the condition of my hair.

    Since then my hair has slowly been recovering and is now very soft and evenly curled again, even where it was very damaged. Only problem is, the new growth is not as curly as the fried part!

    I really hope you can save your hair. If not, take hair vitamins, get good sleep and eat healthy food so it can grow out fast :)
    Type: 3a, f, ii/iii, medium porosity, sensitive to certain proteins
    Styling: Co-wash, rinse with warm then cold water, scrunch gel into wet curls, gently blot curls with cloth diaper, air dry without disturbing, smooth strays down with gel
    Color: Monthly cassia/henna/indigo on roots to disguise greys
    Goals: BSL, chemically virgin hair - ACHIEVED!

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