blonde hair with black roots, help with color

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I was trying to not color my hair because I started getting excessive damage from coloring my hair. At this point I cannot take it anymore! I don't want to go back to my natural black hair color, because I like browns and blonds on my skin tone.

What do you all suggest when coloring my hair when its about 4 inches of black roots and blonde on the bottom? I am going to a golden brown and am going to try to mix a little auburn with it.

What do you all think??

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Trying to grow out hair to hang past shoulders, but experiencing a lot of breakage.

I often mix between straightening and wearing curly. Haven't straightened since 08/09.

(pic is from May 09)


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    I've been natural for going on 4 years and a very healthy bleached blonde. I had issues with dryness at first, figured out what they were and after that first year, I've had no issues.

    1. Always go to a professional. It's too big a risk for damage bleaching/lightening at home.
    2. Absolutely NO HEAT! I don't even use it for deep conditioning. I use overnight treatments instead. I've never straightened or blowdried my hair since going natural.
    3. Eliminate any and every product that contains anything that blocks moisture from the hair - absolutely NO silicones, sulfates, mineral oil or petrolatum...this is where my problem was, once I changed this, my hair did a complete turn around

    Also...always tie hair up at night, moisturize and seal morning and night, overnight deep condition at least once a week, use rinse out conditioners or non-protein deep conditioners as leave ins, and moisturize like someone is paying you to, use products for dry, damage, and breaking hair (even if it isn't). Basically I treat my hair like it's badly damaged, and that has made it very healthy!
    3b/2b/3c mix
    ~no heat, sulfates, silicones, mineral oil or petrolatum~
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    bump I need more info im also a 3c blonde

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