Hey just wondering...

curlylinneacurlylinnea Posts: 2Registered Users
Hey everyone, I am just wondering what type of hair I have.. I took a picture with 'naked' hair and this is what I came up with.. its my profile picture.. Thanks again..


  • CurlyCarrieSCurlyCarrieS Posts: 200Registered Users
    I can't tell by the picture. It's small and far away. But.. If you have an idea of what you think your type is (http://www.naturallycurly.com/hair-types), go to that forum and most have a post your hair pic threads.
    Your hair looks more curly than wavy so I would say start with the 3's.
    I hope this helps a little!
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  • curlylinneacurlylinnea Posts: 2Registered Users
    Sorry I just noticed that my picture totally sucks.. when I find my camera battery I will up load a new picture.. but by looking at that fourm I think I am a 3b/c.. Thanks again

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