what hair type am i?

i'm almost positive that i'm a 3a but i just want to make sure. i'm not sure how to put a pic in the curl talk thing but just by judging on my avatar, do u think i'm 3a cuz that's my hair.
hair type: 3a/3b (i think)
curently CG as of 18/11/09
co - wash : garnier fructis triple nutrition
conditioner : same as co wash
leave in : for now, same as co-wash and conditioner
-hair length goal: BSL



  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,060 Administrator
    It looks 3a but we'd need to see more hair. You might be a combination of 2c/3a or even 3a/b.
  • curlcutiecurlcutie Posts: 227Registered Users
    It looks kinda similar to my hair which is 2c/3a....but like said above ^^ We would need to see more of your hair :)
    - 2c/3a hair
    - Going to try being a modified CG
    -Herbal Essence Body Envy Volumizing Mousse
    -Pantene PRO-V Curls Gel
    -L'OREAL Paris Curl Boosting, Curl Spray Gel
    -Is hair twins with sarahb1396:toothy7:
    I LOVE MY CURLS!!!!!:love4:
  • AlannahAngelAlannahAngel Posts: 529Registered Users
    You can upload pics using photobucket :) that's how I do it. Just upload your pics to photobucket, copy the IMG code and then paste it to your post and when you view your post the pic will be there :D Btw I think you're a 2c/3a. But, I think, as many other curlies do, that your 'texture' and 'porosity' are more important than curl type, because no kind of hair can be labeled a general hair type without different variables. Hope I helped! xo
    ~ BIG *sexy* CURLS ~
    Conditioner/Co-wash/Leave-in: Garnier Fructis Nutri Repair/Organic Instinct
    Styler: Garnier Fructis 24-H

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