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If I remember correctly, there used to be a section near the bottom of the main page where you could post looking for a hair dresser in your city. I moved to Ottawa in May, and was butchered by one hair dresser than had it quasi-fixed-but-still-looks-awful by another one in the last month, am starting to hack into it myself with scissors, and am getting pretty desperate for a good hair dresser. Could someone either tell me where I can find a good hair dresser in this city who LIKES curly hair, or where I need to put this post to get a response....

Thank you so much!



  • theloulatheloula Posts: 23Registered Users
    Hi folks

    Please disregard my previous post. I found the advertising section here and saw Boss Arts on it. I have already phoned them, gone to their website, read about Renee, and will be booking an appointment once this mess of a mop grows out a bit.

    Thanks anyhow!


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