awesome 2nd, 3rd, 4th day hair! :D

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I have finally come up with an awesome routine that gets fabulous 2nd-6th day hair for me. It works every time! Here's what I do:

-at night: condition, product, gel, air dry. satin bonnet overnight
-Next day: still have 1st day hair, so leave it how it is
-That night (if my hair is looking frizzy and big): separate hair into 4 sections (2 front, 2 back) wet each section with a palmful of water. add a small amount of conditioner to each section, and a little gel if you want extra hold. braid each section, rubber band at the ends. to keep the ends nice, i either use rollers on them or roll the ends with metal clips that i clip to the rubber band. satin bonnet and sleep.
-next morning: carefully remove rubber bands and clips and unbraid. gently fluff hair and separate any too-big clumps
RESULT: pretty 2nd day hair! this is especially good for people who want to de-volumize, i.e. me! i have to fluff and separate, which is so awesome! :O I also like that it only takes me about 5 minutes to do..

I guess this is sort of similar to CurlyNikki's twist-n-curl, but for me, a twist-n-curl takes DAYS to dry. I just use this to get multiple day hair :)

What do you think?
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    I'm glad you've found something that works! I think its a great idea for people who have too much volume or a lot of hair in general.
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