Hello all, newbie here

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Hi all I am in the process of transitioning and have had my last perm in August of this year (freshly transtioning) and I am absolutely loving my new growth. Before this I used to get perms at the first sign of new growth and my hair would never grow past a certain length. I would alwasy be amazed at the new growth, but would have to cut all that grew off..In these short few months my new growth has grown a lot and I am amazed at how taking care of my hair and a simple (well I shall say weekly) routine has helped my hair tremendously.

I plan to long term transition for a year or at least until my birthday (May of 2009), if I can. I am currently blending my two textures with braidouts, twistouts, half wigs, briads, etc. I have done a ton of research and have even started a binder FULL of information I have gathered.

I am super excited about this journey as I am getting more in tune with who I really am within with all my natural things. I also started the journey to healthy natural nails. I took off the acrylic, even though my nails were super long but extremely weak.

So Im starting a journey back to discovering who and how God made me au naturale!!!

Good Luck newbies!!


  • rachelolivia2010rachelolivia2010 Posts: 372Registered Users
    Hi! Congrats on transitioning, now you just gotta get to the cut, then you'll be all done! Im Rachel btw. :)
    Co-Wash: Vo5 Herbal Escapes Moisturizing Conditioner Free Me Freesia With Aloe Extract & Aussie Moist
    Leave In Conditioner: KCKT & seal with shea butter.
    Gel/Styler: KCCC or EcoStyler for edges.
    I think my hair likes cones... :)

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