Ecostyler & Lustrasilk moved to smaller containers

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Thanks to wavycurly40+ I decided to try and move some of these products to smaller containers. I hate the big tubs. I hate dragging them into the shower each day when I use them and I never know how much product I am getting. I picked up two squeezy tube like containers. It was very interesting getting the ecostyler into the container-I thought the opening was going to be larger - it was about the size of dime. Took awhile but I got it in there.

It was SO nice today to be able to squeeze out an amount in my palm and know how much I used of these products. LOVE IT!

Thanks wavycurly40+!!!
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    You are welcome! I'm glad it worked out.

    I am still wavering on the Ecostyler. I keep thinking about buying it. But the thickness of it scares me -- it seems like most people either have to mix it with water or layer it with 500 different things.... I'm not sure I have the patience for a "high maintenance" product right now.

    At the moment, I think I am rotating too many things and not really loving any of them. Can't decide if that means I should simplify, and just use one simple combo for awhile.... or if it means I'm off to the store! :tongue5:

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    To me, the ecostyler seems like there is a lot of moisture content in it. Even though its thick, it performs like watery gels do. Have you tried the Tresemme bouncy curls (yes it's CG)? It reminds me a lot of that. My hair behaves the same way when I use the ecostyler. Its like someone poured water on my hair and then let it air dry like that. I have no definition.
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