Question for those who use flax seed gel.

Do you use anything else with it? Curl Cream...other gels? I have some of BB' flax gel, but find I just don't get enough hold with it.

I am trying it because I'd like to get away from using really strongg gels. I have very fine hair and gels a lot of times make my scalp shiny and my hair plasters against it. Fine hair can be such a pain at times. do other flax users use the gel?

So far just experimenting with anything and everything!!!!


  • sessac81sessac81 Posts: 690Registered Users
    I dont use a curl cream with mine because I put magnesium sulfate in mine, which helps with the curl enhancement. I sometimes use a leave-in with mine, it just depends on if I've put moisturizing oils in my gel. I usually put seamollient and aloe gel in mine, which helps with the hold, so I dont really need a gel on top. If you feel like you're not getting enough hold, try using more FSG (when you think you've got enough, use a little more) or you can try another strong hold gel on top. Just experiment so you can decide what best suits you.
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    I ALWAYS use a curl cream and Gel.
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    The one thing I've found about flax gel, for me anyway, the more I use the better my hair turns out. I have used it all by itself with great results and I have used it with/without a curl cream and/or a stronger gel on top with great results. I always use a leave in with my products, sometimes a lighter leave in and sometimes a heavier one. You might be able to get away with just a tad of a medium/heavy gel on top. I love FSG!
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    I always use a LI or curl cream and gel, but just a little (usually pea size amt.). I use lots of FSG and love it!
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