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I'm having the hardest time ever on my 2nd day hair. The first day looks great and dries really pretty with very minimal frizz. But my 2nd day I always have a yucky halo frizz ahhhhh. I really don't know what to do because I don't want to fully wet my whole head. Can anyone help me here? How do you deal with it?

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  • sessac81sessac81 Posts: 690Registered Users
    Do you pineapple at night? Sleep on a satin pillowcase? I pineapple and sometimes wear a satin night cap over the pineapple. I sometimes have to refresh my curls in the morning. I use a little aloe gel mixed with water to smooth down the frizzies and scrunch a little in. HTH :)
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    I do the same - pineapple & plop into a satin cap. Looks dorky, but I get multi-day hair. For 2nd day I can usually just shake & go. 3rd & 4th days I may wet my hands & smooth the flyaways. Sometimes I soak/scrunch the ends with a bit more gel and let dry. You'll have to experiment.

    I rarely got 2nd day hair when I first started CG, but now after 2 years, I only rewet my hair every 3 or 4 days. It helps to lower your hair expectations, too. Clips, head bands, Flexi-8 clips are wonderful for non-wet hair days!
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    Sometimes if I have the little frizz halo in the morning or later on in the day, I rub some product on my hands (gel in my case) then smooth it down my hair - like I was going to pull it back. That usually catches the little frizzies.
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  • ivycharlaineivycharlaine Posts: 459Registered Users
    I tried pineappling and all it did was straighten out some of my curls and it looked awful :pukel:

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  • bergasaurusbergasaurus Posts: 375Registered Users
    ivycharlaine - I think that's because your hair is shorter. Mine is layered, a little past shoulder length in front and longer in back; and I suspect mine is as short as you can really go and pineapple successfully. The front sides of my hair do get straightened out but that's the curliest part of my hair, so a little dampening and scrunching helps it match up with the rest of my hair. I also tend to get frizzy on 2nd day hair and I've tried water, set it free, conditioner, or a little more product and none really get rid of the frizz. I'm still practicing on that I guess...but getting a satin pillowcase helped a bit. It doesn't help that I toss and turn like crazy. I bet the people with the best 2nd day hair sleep like logs.
    Maybe for 2nd day you can put the sides up in clips or a headband? I just ordered a bunch of flexi-8 clips, can't wait to get them. I actually do plan on using them for 2nd day hair.
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    It took a few months of CG for my hair to start looking good on the 2nd day. It needed time to get healthier. Now I often get 3rd day hair as well. I don't know what kind of shape your hair is in, but I see that you've only been CG for about 2 weeks. You may just need to give it some time.
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