Advice for getting short hair

I've had shoulder length hair for my whole life practically, sometimes a few inches longer (when wet, it's almost bsl.)

I'm really sick of having to manage my hair this length, and I know that shoulder length hair is a no-no with curls, (or at least for some of us) and I don't have the patience for my hair to grow longer, I also don't have the patience to care for long curls! So the solution? Short cut!

I can't decide on a cut and I don't know the first thing about taking care of short hair. Does anyone have advice for me about either a cut or care?

I have thick, porous, frizztastic 3b/3c hair, but my roots are pretty flat when I don't clip them while drying my hair.

My hair has lots of volume, and I'd like that to shine through with my cut, like so it makes a pretty round shape, and not "pyramid" hair.

Thanks lots!

Btw, I was thinking something like this: (about that length and shape.)
or this:

but my roots behave more like this, but about a couple inches down, my hair gets really, REALLY curly. I know some girls here must know what I mean!:

sorry about the big pics!


  • eamoneseamones Posts: 53Registered Users Curl Neophyte

    I love them all! Go for it-I just cut mine too because I was so tired of my hair hanging there - Its a cross between 2 & 3 pic - I have to get some pics up here. Hopefully my husband can take some this weekend.

    Good Luck!
  • hunnybeemayhunnybeemay Posts: 75Registered Users
    Ooohhh...very nice. I too am going from shoulder-blade length to short. I can't figure out how to post pics, just links, but I posted a link to the cut I want on the Hall of Shame thread I started today.

    I've been very short before and my only suggestion is that if you're not sure how your hair will react (it tends to get much curlier the shorter it is) then you may be better off going a little longer and see how it looks after a few days of washing/styling. Many stylists will let you come back to get a little more off or even it up if you come back with in a week or so. Just ask your stylist.

    I'm so excited about my cut. If I could figure out how to post pics, I would like to post some before and afters. Post pics of your cut for us so we can see!!!
  • tschocktschock Posts: 101Registered Users
    I just recently went from below shoulder length to a slightly inverted curly bob. I love it! My hair hasn't been this bouncy in a long time! ;-) I still follow pretty much the same routine I did before...I plop for about 10 minutes, then diffuse to about 80% dry. It just doesn't take nearly as long. I also have very thick, coarse hair, but I am more of a 2C/3A. My avatar is a picture of my new cut.

    I was a little scared of cutting off so much length, but now that it's done, it doesn't feel all that drastic. I still have lots of hair around my face.

    Good luck!
    2c, thick & coarse
    Inverted curly bob
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