Can't keep my hands out my head

The only thing keeping me from pulling and twisting with my ends and roots right now is that I'm typing.

When you touch your hair it gets frizzier. And if you're like me and it's comforting to pull at your roots or ends, then you realize you're actually pulling your hair out.

So who else can't keep their fingers out their head? What do you do to stop?

I had an aunt whose nervousness/level of comfort would show by scrapping her pointer finger across her thumb on her right hand, and after years of this there was a permanent scar across her thumb. To avoid having a permanent bald spot at the front of my scalp because of my hair pulling, she recommended I keep paperclips or pens nearby to fidget with. It doesn't work.

Am I the only crazy one with this problem???


  • bergasaurusbergasaurus Posts: 375Registered Users
    You should google trichotillomania, I think that's what it's called, it may be related to OCD. People have pulled their hair out so bad they end up almost bald.
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    Yeah, agree with the other poster. My SIL has a bald spot from that.

    I do love to play with my hair, but I dont pull it out. Do look into it.
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