handheld and bonnet dryer recommendations (also flat irons)

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can anyone recommend a blow dryer for my hair type - 4a/4b....... mini- ringlets (you can see closeup picture on my avatar)..... my hair is very fine and i really don't want it to be damaged.... and i am deeply in love with my minicurls

i guess it should be ceramic and 1800W minimum so i can do more styles...... i will also need a straightening pic....... and perhaps a diffuser......... i would be happy to buy the attachements separately but from my last foray to my local bss it's hard to find ones that fit..... i bought a conair but had to return it..... then the 1200W braun dryer i had burned out (my 2nd time using it) see below for details

also any recommendations for a salon style/bonnet dryer would be great

i did buy the gold and hot one attachment that slips onto a hair dryer but 1) it kept slipping off my head as it inflated (perhaps was designed to work w- curlers) 2) the dryer quickly burned out

i've hardly used any heat over the last 11 years...... i mean hardly..... maybe 6 times at the most..... and those mostly within the last year
i am hoping to use the dryer for twists...... and also to try some shingling-type hairdos a-la miss jessie's salon.... so looking to use heat 1-4 times a month..... more often in winter.... unless i put braids in....... with the new loose styles i have been wearing the past month my hair is wet nearly the entire day..... sometimes much longer

recommendations for a flat iron also appreciated - my hair has never been flat ironed or hot combed/straightened etc but it's something i would like to look into as an experiment...... as long as it does not involve chemicals..... i am also concerned about my hair being damaged...... was thinking of having it done professionally once..... just to see...... there is a woman in my area who i know could do a great job but the salon is quite costly

please note i am extremely cash strapped....... but it will help to know the ideal items, regardless of cost..... as well as any value/budget ones

thank you!
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