Need a list of bad ingredients

i do not have the CG book and I did not see it at the bookstore so can someone give me an idea or list of what to look for when I go looking for conditioners? I know anything ending in one, and xane, but what else?

3a hair, blonde, colored black then stripped after 6 months, now very dry frizzy and damaged :( Using KMS hair prepare which helps more the anything I have tried so far, but still need lots of help.


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    Actually, only -cone is bad. -none is fine...those are usually preservatives. To get the other info, I'd just look through the other posts all over this site. That might seem like a brush off, but there's sooooo much to know about "good" and "bad" ingredients, it would be really hard to compile the info in one post. Hope that helps somewhat.
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    here's a list of all ingredients found in haircare:
    the sufacants are things to look out for in shampoo, with coco.betaine being the milder one. avoid any sulfates. the silicones are to be avoided, but the water soluble ones can obv be removed with silicones. and watch out for mineral oils as they can build up, and polyquat (esp 10) also if your hair is still dry and brittle when you're avoiding all thsoe, consider protein sensitivity. and thus dont use proteins. theres a list of them on that website too :)

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