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I had an OB appt yesterday afternoon. Once I got there, I found out my doctor had been called out. I love my doctor. I just knew I'd have to see this other woman who I cannot stand and unfortunately, I was right. I told them months ago to not even tell my how much weight I had gained because everything else was fine and it was only stressing me out and upsetting me. My doctor was fine with that and very nice to me about it.

This doctor came in and before she said hello to me, informed me that I had gained too much weight and it was not healthy for my baby. I was stunned. I tried to explain to her the things MY doctor and I had talked about before, but she pretty much ignored me. She asked if I was having any problems, I mentioned carpal tunnel syndrome was waking me up a lot at night. My coworker had this same issue and from what I've read, it's fairly common in late pregnancy. She told me it was not normal to have that (even though I'm on a computer ALL DAY at work) and that it was because of too much weight gain. Then she said she could refer me to a physical therapist but it "may not work."

So, after that, she listened to the baby's heartbeat and then kind of roughly put her hand low on my belly and started pushing. Before I could even react, she stopped and then said, "Your baby is not too big. It is all your weight." Well ****ing DUH, lady, most people, no matter what they have gained at this point, do not have a baby weighing whatever amount they have gained.

She asked if I had the glucose test. I said, "Yes, twice, once at 20 weeks because I had gained a lot and then again at 29 weeks." "And was it normal?" "No *****, it was abnormal, but they left that out of my chart." I said, "Yep, 80 one time and 100 the next." She asked if I had anyone in my family with diabetes and I told her my grandmother and my aunt, but my aunt was type 1. She said, "You are type 1?" "No, my aunt was." So, then she asks me all condescendingly, "How much pop do you drink anyway? How many a day?" She looked at me skeptically when I said, "I don't drink even one pop a day, maybe 2-3 a week tops." "What do you drink?" "Water, orange juice a few mornings a week, and skim or 1% milk." She just responded with, "Hmmm" and that was the end of it.

I was not happy.


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    She's obviously got weight "issues". F*ck her.

    I was very much like you when I was pregnant. I gained a lot each time. I had ashole doctors who bugged me every.single.visit. about my weight. I never had complications from it gestational diabetes, no high blood pressure. I just gained 60 pounds each time. And then I lost 60 pounds each time. I lost it fast too...I came home from the hospital 30 pounds lighter and the rest fell off in the first couple months.

    I did have carpel tunnel symptoms, and it really was from the weight gain. It got better as I lost weight after delivery.

    You really don't have to see a doctor you don't want to see. If that happens again, just tell the desk person that you don't want to see that doctor and reschedule.

    You don't have to allow that doctor to attend you in the hospital either. Just say "no". Ask for another doctor. You have rights not to be abused by your healthcare provider.
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    I agree with RCW.

    FYI, I did have carpal tunnel symptoms with my second pregancy (I work at a computer all day). They went away after birth.
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    Yuck. I agree with RCW. Refuse to see that doctor if the situation comes up again. What a jerk.
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    I agree with RCW too. F- her. (the doctor, not rcw)
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    Thank you guys. It made me feel a bit better. I agree - F*ck her! Grrr.

    I came home alternately extremely angry and knowing how she acted was uncalled for, yet also feeling really teary and upset and feeling like a big fat cow who was doing damage to my baby even though I *know* everything looks perfect with her thus far. I couldn't decide if I was more pissed or wanted to cry more, so I did both.

    I am planning on refusing to see her from here on out. The place I go is just a women's clinic with several different doctors. I don't see why I can't just call up there and have them put a note on my chart that I don't want to see that particular one and if my doctor is ever out, to not reschedule me for her. That way it isn't an issue with me showing up and then having to reschedule and come back and miss more work, etc.

    Thanks for the info on the carpal tunnel too. RCW, I can definitely see weight gain contributing to it because of pressure on that nerve, but I don't think it's just women who gain "too much" either because my coworker had it and she said, I believe, that she gained just 23 pounds. Or maybe it was 28. Either way, not that much. In other words, I don't think that weight gain is the ONLY contributor to it, although I'm sure it probably is one. Either way, it's miserable and keeps me from sleeping.

    I have gained almost 60 pounds actually since the very beginning appointment (at not even 5 weeks). I'm 5'5-5'6 and hardly a small person to begin with. I can pack on 5 pounds in a weekend of eating a bit too much, so I always knew I would gain a lot during pregnancy. I feel and look huge to myself, but I've had other people say I don't look like I've gained all that much except in my belly. So whatever. I'm healthy, baby's healthy, and the weight will come off after I have her. I lost 80 some pounds before, I can lose weight again. And again, f*ck her. For sure. Stupid biotch.
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    I hate when people have the "Ew, fat is gross" attitude and are condescending about it. My OB is matter-of-fact about my weight and it doesn't bug me a bit, but if she had a nasty attitude, I'd change doctors so fast.
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    I gained about 35 pounds with both of my pregnancies, and I had carpal tunnel with my first one so it's not always due to excessive weight gain.

    It went away shortly after I gave birth, but remember waking up every morning with my arms from the elbow down in pain. Then when I would take a shower, my fingers would ache when washed my hair. It got better as the day went on, but the mornings were tough.

    I wore wrist guard which I don't think really helped, but it's worth a try.

    Sorry about your a-hole doctor. I agree with the others, don't go back to her.
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    Weight-gain is not the sole cause of carpel tunnel, but it's a big contributor. Just try to find a comfortable way to sleep. It will be over soon, and you'll probably get rid of the CT after the baby is born.

    I'm sorry you're suffering even though you know the woman was a jerk. That's the way it seems to go though...words can really hurt and the surest way to hurt a pregnant woman to the core is to mock her size.

    I hope you do call the clinic and tell them to put a note in your chart that you are never to be scheduled with that woman, ever. After the baby is born, maybe you can write a letter to the practice telling them how badly she treated you (a real paper letter, not just email).
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    You should have sat on her. People like that shouldn't be in the medical profession dealing with human beings.
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    What a cow. It's even worse that you're pregnant and wound up anyway. She strikes me as one of those types where you could go in with a broken finger and your weight would be to blame. You really don't need that crap.
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    Piglet wrote: »
    What a cow. It's even worse that you're pregnant and wound up anyway. She strikes me as one of those types where you could go in with a broken finger and your weight would be to blame. You really don't need that crap.

    Exactly!!! That sums it up perfectly. There are people with serious weight issues, and doctors are just people. She is clearly one of those people. My ex MIL was really overweight, as in morbidly obese. She was very well aware that that was not healthy, but she had a lot of trouble with everyone acting as though every. single. thing wrong with her was weight related. She spent years bleeding non-stop before she found a doctor that would do a hysterectomy. She kept being told just to lose weight and her weight was the only issue. So what about the skinny people with period issues too?

    Grrr. It still makes me mad.

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