littlemoonlittlemoon Registered Users Posts: 5
I've been transitioning for almost 7 months and I plan to keep going till my natural hairs at least below my shoulders. that could take a loong time, so I might just do the BC when I feel I'm ready.
with my relaxed hair I've had short bangs, straight across bangs, long bangs and no bangs. right now I have side bangs.
my question is, what do you think I should do with my bangs until my hair grows to my desired length? would natural hair make my bangs look weird? I just imagine them being extra curly from lack of weight and sticking out on top of my head. have you seen any cute cirly styles with bangs? I don't like my straight hair without bangs, but id be willing to grow them out if it'd be easiest.

soo any ideas? : )


  • JustKitty6JustKitty6 Registered Users Posts: 32
    I was wondering the same thing the other night. I love my bangs but I think it'll look weird curly...hmmm


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