Same Makeup New Irritation???

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I'm a makeup junkie- I'll admit it.
For about a week and a half I've only applied makeup twice.
Same makeup I used before-
It isn't old- because I know some of your instant reactions were 'old makeup'
nope, ...
I've only used one new product lately
jergens tinted moisterizer
I've always used this stuff... but recently bought the actual stuff specifically for facial use...
I used it heavily for about a week with no problems...
now within the last 2 days I've developed what I thought were pimples.
I have about 10 of these little hives all over my face... larger ones around my eyes... they look like what pimples look like before they get a black head. you know??
uggggh... if anyone can help me.. please do. I'm gettin' nervous. Thanks you.
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    you used it "heavily"?

    sounds like clogged pores to me!

    i know it's a waste of fake tanner, but exfoliate well and try some acne stuff on it and see what happens.
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