I can't believe I've done this!

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After some severe damage from some hair dye and straighteners (yes, I knew they are bad, and no, I won't use them again). I decided to take drastic measures and went for a GI Jane hair cut. My hair is growing back soooo slowly. I didn't realise I was going to have to wear bandannas and scarfs, and whatnots for months!
Has any of you done this? How long did it take you to grow your hair to a decent length (say 3-4 inches)? does damaged hair grow at the same rate than the rest?


  • LiliputLiliput Registered Users Posts: 55
    I should have added above that I read somewhere mustard oil mixed with henna is good for hair growth? does anyone know if this is true?
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    Unfortunately there is nothing that can get your hair to grow overnight. If you cut your hair to GI Jane length I doubt there is any damage left. Honestly the only thing you can do is wait and enjoy the hassle-free hair while you can. Just continue to keep it moisturized and clean and before you know it will have grown back.

    How long is it now?
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    I started off with the GI Jane cut and it is a process. You need to keep your hair conditioned and well oiled, before you know it, it will be growing like crazy. I think when you don't like something it seems to last forever, try to take your mind off of it (easier said than done I know). My advice is to just eat healthily, take vitamins, and learn your hair.
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    I didn't cut my hair THAT short, but it's the shortest I've had it with curly hair. *sigh* It's taking FOREVER to grow back and I'm dying to have my BSL length back.
    I"m just going to try and stay healthy, hide the straightener (I'm still on withdrawal) and deal with it.
    I was told that on average, hair grows 1/2" each month. I dunno if that's true, I haven't measured.
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    Sorry I didn't reply sooner, but my internet connection is a bit on the brink.
    My hair length at the moment is about 1/2 inch. Not much. I thought it would be the best -I still do. It is a real challenge to go outside (as in outside the house) because the down side of starting from zero is that baseball caps don't look that good with skirts. Frankly I look a bit bizarre. Another problem was I forgot at some point I have to...well, I'm married-I can't very well tell hubby "I'll see you in about 6 months or so" (blushing).
    I read about something called Mega Tek, maybe I will give it a try, although it is an expensive thing to buy if you've got no hair! :tongue5:

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