what to do during transitioning(Pido ayuda!!!)(i need help)

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okay im like so confused about what to do after i take out these kinky twists in t minus 2 weeks!

my mom said that i can go natural which im really excited about:happy2:

like do i wash it every day or once a week?
blow dry or towel dry?
what types of products? ( arent there certain products that aren't good for natural hair)

am i so confused help please :help: and thank you
BC 10/5/12 after 4 months of transitioning!:afro:


Low Porosity, High Density, Coarse, 4a/4b

Current Products:
Tresemme Naturals 'Poo & Condish
Moisturizers: Elasta QP Olive Oil and Mango Butter Moisturizer,Beautiful Textures Moisture Butter,& BB Oil Moisturizer
Leave In: Cantu Leave-in

Searching for the best products for my hair


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    You find a regimen that works for you. Concentrate on minimising breakage at the demarcation line. It also depends on how long you plan to transition for. It is a long time I suggest very low manipulation hairstyles so you don't have to fuss with your hair alot.

    Also try to use as little heat as possible on your newgrowth or you are going to have heat damage before even going back natural

    USe products that work for you. Not everything works for everyone. Learn what you hair likes and what it needs. Ingredients to avoid in products are mineral oil , petroleum and lanolin. Women that are on the CG method avoid products with sulfates (which are in most shampoos) , and cones ( which are in alot of drugstore and salon products). Most naturals are protein sensitive so watch out for products that have alot of protein ... but that is after you cut off your relaxed hair I suppose.

    It is trial and error. After you go back natural you may even have to change the products you use now. So I don't suggest judging new ones based on your processed ends.

    HTH for now
    Transitioning since Sep 17 2009
    BC Due Date: Jam 30 2010
    Oct 24 2009 - made henna and put in freezer for the day of my bc .. yes i know .. i prepare well in advance
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    My 2 sence
    last perm 11/8
    Bc'd 4-9-9 :sunny:

    A product to make tranistioning EASIER!:cheers:
    Scissors. Think of it like this, your mixing dirty clothes with clean clothes, you can use all the perfum you want (hair product) but the dirty clothes (permed hair) will never be clean, will eventually get old, raggedy, and eventually start shredding/breaking(natural&permed hair). Don't waste your time. Transitioning for most is a :boxing: fight that relaxed hair will win!
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    Your decision to transition should be as important as a lifestyle change. This journey is about trial and error and learning what is best for your hair. Remember no two heads are alike and you have to adjust to your hair's needs.

    I co-wash about every 3-4 days and I only shampoo once a month. I've decided to follow the advice of other naturals and use sulfate-free products. I don't use products that contain: mineral oil, petroleum, sulfates, parabans, cones or strong alcohols. Research these ingredients to get a better understanding on why they are unanimously avoided.

    There is no need to blow dry unless you plan to straighten your hair and that should be done occassionally with the use of a heat/thermal protectant.

    Check out Youtube and curlynikki.com for ideas on how to style and maintain transitioning hair. Be consistant and most of all, patient with the glorious crown God has given you. HTH

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