Help! style advice!

Tonight I have a date and I have no idea what to do with my hair, I am going to shower soon but my hair takes all day to dry and its already 1pm (I'm leaving at about 5)

I don't own a hair dryer and need ideas on how I can get my hair done before I go out so it will look ok.

I was meant to be going on this date tomorrow but now its changed to today so I'm freaking out a bit

usually I wash with just conditioner and then leave some in while I shower, then put more in and some curl cream I have after I get out. but 90% of the time I tie my hair up, I think I should do something different tonight.

my hair is not great like some of yours but is a loose spiral, it comes down to my shoulder blades and is all one length, no nice cut for me.

any advice would be great