Wasting Product on Transitioning Hair?

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I will have come up on my first year anniversary for transitioning in November. I recently received the "Curls" sample package to see if I like it as I am trying to find the product that works for my hair. However, I was talking to a woman today who was natural herself that owned a beauty supply store. She said that in a sense I am wasting product and won't get the full effects of products in general until I cut off my relaxed ends. Is this true? I mean whenever I try anything new I pay attention to my natural hair to see how it likes it and usually my relaxed ends like it too. I am so confused
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    I wouldnt consider it wasting. But maybe what she means is that after you cut the relaxed ends off your natural hair might not respond to it the same. But I guess that all depends on how much new growth you have... for example early on in my transition there were certain products that worked for me when i was relaxed an at the beginning stages of my transition and then all of a sudden they stoped working. But to tell you the truth I dont know how it works I think if you have alot of growth (more natural than relaxed) and ur hair likes a product then it will more likely like it when you cut off your ends. Either way I dont see it as a waste especially if the product is working for you now. The thing is products regardless if you fully natural, relaxed or transitioning changes, they may not have the same affect that they once had on your hair. Things just change like that.
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    I don't think it's a waste. My hair is going to be around for another 7 months to over a year. Not taking care of it is not an option

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    I don't think it's a waste. You're buying the sample packages, which is good, AND you have the opportunity to find out which products you like without buying full-size. Another plus is that you can track the effects of the products on your new growth.
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    Thanks. That's why I was confused. Switching to all natural (or as natural as it can get) products has had a positive effect on my natural and relaxed ends. That's why I could not understand her wasting product comment, I thought there was something maybe I was missing.
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