Anyone know how to make Jamaican rice and peas?

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the flavor of coconut milk is very subtle and it's not supposed to overpower the dish, just provide a hint of creamyness and depth to the spicy seasoning.

I personally dont make mine with coconut milk anymore (or sticking a pig tail in it either) for health reasons. I now use brown basmati rice, lots of fresh seasonings, and chicken stock. Trinidadian rice and peas is a little different from Jamacian style. I think the rice is lighter in color and I'm not sure how they do that.

Anyway, you want to first cook the peas in seasoning, then add the rice, then add the coconut milk and water or stock.


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    Hey, thanks for the advice, I'll try that. I just wish I could make my rice and peas the same way those resteraunts(sp) do.
  • nappyscorpionappyscorpio Registered Users Posts: 2
    I've tried to make this myself, but it didn't turn out to well. The recipe calls for coconut milk. I used the milk, but after it was done, you couldn't tell that I had even used any. Does it make sense to cook the rice in the milk, or is it the peas, or am I going about the the wrong way?
    the recipe also called for some other spices that I didn't have nor could not find at that time.

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