Spritz and Condish Washing for Porous Types+Thirsty Curls Everywhere!



  • CaylynnCaylynn Posts: 117Registered Users
    Wanted to share my experience with this. I don't have particularly porous or non-porous hair. My hair is normal-to-coarse in terms of texture.

    Tried Spritz & Condish yesterday. Ugh. Almost no waves.


    In contrast, here is my hair with the exact same products, but I "noodled" the conditioner through my hair, the way the Deva stylist showed me.


    I will probably try spritz & condish again, maybe with a different conditioner (I used Tresemme PU conditioner, as it's reliable for me) , but I'll only give it another try. I just totally lacked the waves and sausage curls I normally get!
    Canadian - 2A/2B - chin length, med/avg porosity, medium texture, thick density (but thinning)
    Group fitness instructor & marathon runner - need to wash daily
    Low-poo: Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat
    Co-wash: Tresemmé Naturals
    RO: Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat, Tresemmé Perfectly Undone, Sukin Protein
    LI: Tresemmé Perfectly Undone, Sukin Protein
    Stylers: Tresemmé Perfectly Undone Sea Foam, Andalou Naturals Sunflower & Citrus Gel, Giovanni Naturals Mousse
  • JDcurlyJDcurly Posts: 1Registered Users
    This is what I do now I call it Spritz and Condish :tongue5:

    1. Mist Hair well with a water bottle

    2. Use conditioner and scrunch it all in ( I prefer a really nice moisturizing one not a Suave or Vo5) let it sit for 5-10mins.

    3. Get in shower rinse it all out (upside down provides more clumping) then add a small amt to ends and scrunch it through. Low Poo Scalp and scrub. If you need to detangle with a comb or brush this would be a good time to do it since your hair is really wet.

    I still need to Low Poo my length, on occasion but I find as long as the conditioner has surfactants in it I'm good. My favorite surfactant being Behentrimonium Methosulfate it seems to clean better for my hair.
    Hi I am new here and have come across your post here from so long ago. I have tried your method and been successful. I just want to clarify a couple of points if I could.

    In point 3, do you rinse out after conditioner in ends and low poo on scalp? My take on it was yes, but if yes, do you put in another lot of conditioner to leave in? I have tried both and prefer to use a small amount of the same conditioner I used all the way through (Jessiecurl Aloeba).

    I hope this makes sense and its not a stupid question :oops:
    Many thanks
    Always been natural. CG since December 2015
    Colouring hair all my adult life
    3A/B curl type
    Medium width
    medium length
    Medium density
    Medium to High porosity

    Currently using jessiecurl cleanser, aloeba cond and spiraliscious

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