Curl definition around perimeter and not in crown

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I have approx. three inches in the crown. The coils/curls around the hairline are easily defined, but the crown is drier, w/little to no definition. What's going on?
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    Your photos show definite progress. Hair is looking healthy and good.

    Could the dry part could be a different types of hair? I have 3 distinct hair zones (just like the Amazon Rain Forest :lol: ) The bottom zone is the easiest to style, the middle zone is the most bushy, and the top zone/canopy, while it LOOKS like it should behave because there are coils up there, shrinks like a slinky and will frizz. I can't treat them alike. I give my middle zone more attention and moisture.
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    I'll bet it's just a difference in texture. The sides and front of my hair has a looser, frizzier curl pattern, that at around 3-4 inches of hair drove me NUTS. I always had to add extra leave in or product to that area b/c it seemed to fight moisture retention.

    I would suggest to keep on doing what you're doing, and continue to pump moisture into your looks great in your August photo, and as it grows it will be constantly changing.
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    Ladies, thank you both for these encouraging words.... This is quite a journey.... Some days are easier than others....
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    im going through the SAME thing!! I think this is caused because the hair around the edges are realling fine and the center of my head gets really coarse =[ I guess i would have to mosturize more? That portion of my hair is CRAZY THICK and dry!!!
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    I know what you mean. My hair has two distinct texture. The backof my hair near my neck almost to the center is 4a and the front of my hair is 3c. You hair is definitely looking better though and seems to be growing fast.

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