Really want to make relaxed hair curly

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Hi...I'm new to this. I really want to make my relaxed hair curly. I used to do it all the time in college and I haven't tried it in a while. Any suggestions on what products to use? I am black and I have hair midway down my back. I've heard mixed reviews about mixed chicks and [buylink=]kinky curly curling custard[/buylink]. Any suggestions????


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    My relaxed hair used to curl with Kinky Curly quite well while I was transitioning. However, I hated how it looked until it dried and I fluffed it out. I wasn't really into the wet, stringy curls, but had to wait for them to dry to fluff so they didn't frizz. It also took a LONG time to dry, like, all hair was shoulder length, then I cut it into a mohawk type style with relaxed hair on top. I eventually got tired of the stringy wet look so I just BC'ed.
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