Newbie Checking in

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Hi All:

I'm a newbie to and I'm sooooo glad that I found (stumbled upon) this website. I believe my hair type to be 3C/4A and my last relaxer was February 2006. I've been wearing a Jazma wash n wear perm for about two years now. I've always been reluctant to deal with my hair in it's natural state however I am so tired of the wet curl look I've was getting. Anyway, I look forward to being part of this website.

4A&B -- Henna and the entire Essential Balms product line; lately Carol's Daughter honey mimosa & black vanilla leave-in. Staple products are SheaMoisture, Aubrey Organics and Trader Joes Norish Spa conditioner, ACV and IC Fantasia Gel. I'm also Mixtress (I love making my own hair concoctions :glasses9:)

Be encouraged -- Cuzz Fuzz is what it Duzz!!

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