phyto relaxer for loosening curl - any damage?

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With the keratin treatment being so popular, is anyone still using Phyto?
I'm thinking about getting a phyto relaxer to just loosen up tight curls, not to straighten.
I'm worried about damaging my hair though.
I color with deposit only color, and I don't use heat very often to style my hair, so it should be in decent condition.

Just looking for feedback from anyone who uses or has used Phyto, what you thought about it, and how it affected the condition of your hair.



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    I used Phyto Index 1 for about a year. I liked it as far as relaxers go but I have fine 4a/3c hair and only applied it for 15 mins (start to finish) and my hair was almost straight. I would suggest just to loosen the curl that you may want to apply it for less time(5 mins) and then decide if that is enough or should you do it longer.
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    I've seen the phyto balm at sephora a few times and i've been dying to try it, but i'm not sure... does your hair go back to it's original curly state afterwards?!
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