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Okay, this a very funny subject for some--but touchy for others. I have sideburns that tend to curl up when I wash my face or shower. How do I handle it? Because then it looks really weird when my hair is straight, while my sideburns are curly...its kind of cute, but I just wonder is there any method on "taming" them? Lol.

Do any of you have sideburns?
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    Maybe gel them? I have teeny ones but I gel them the same as I do my "baby hairs". I just slick them back in the direction of my ponytail/bun then either use the toothbrush to make them stay or tie a scarf until the gel sets

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    I have sideburns too ... and they are long. Mine dont really curl up its pretty straight. I dont really do anything because like i said they stay straight. But i guess you can put gel on them. I personally dont like the gel look on baby hair and sideburns some people use too much gel ... I guess if you use a little it will look for natural and might still have the hold. Also what if you just brush them back or brush them down when they get wet. Or use one of those spa head bands when you wash your face and put it over ur sideburns so they dont get wet.
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