Starting CG, Wondering about Down Under Naturals.

Hi. My name is Laura and I'm new here. I have 2A hair on the top and 3A on the bottom. The underlayers of my hair are 3A.

A few days ago I started just scrubbing my scalp with Goldwell colorcare conditioner, then conditioning with herbal essences totally twisted conditioner. I found out that they both contain silicones, (also a multitude of other hair products I was using) so I've stopped using them. Now I need to know what I should use instead. I live in Toronto and I'm 13 so money is definately an object.

Tonight I'll clarify my hair with a natural shampoo that does have sulfates, for the last time just so I can get a fresh start.

I have the Down under naturals curl gel, it works very well for me and I don't think it has anything bad in it. I'm planning on buying some Suave conditioner to scrub with, but I need to know what to use for actually conditioning, and if there is anything else I need. I'm interested in Down under natural's papaya conditioner, but i'm not sure if it has silicones or anything else. So if anybody knows, please tell me. Any other suggestions would be helpful.

Not sure what type of hair I have, but it's curly!


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    I believe in Canada you can get VO5, Suave, and White Rain products. All of them have lots of CG conditioners in some of their lines to choose from.
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    I'm in Ontario too and a poor student. I use Down Under Naturals Papaya Conditioner and the Curl Gel. Both are CG-friendly and seem to work well for me. I'm sure there's better stuff out there but you really can't beat the price of Down Under Naturals.

    I personally have only found White Rain in one store and the selection of Suave products is very limited (not all the same stuff as in the U.S.). To be honest though I haven't looked that hard so I'm not sure about V05. Hopefully one day I'll be able to afford some Deva products!

    Also, if money is an issue check out a couple stores to see what's cheapest. If you have a Wal-mart you can get the big 32 oz. bottles of Down Under conditioner for $3 or so. If I remember right it tends to be a bit more expensive at Shopper's and Dominion.

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    Yep, I got some Suave naturals conditioner last night, it worked well. The shoppers near me didn't really have much, just the coconut, the green apple and the strawberry. So I got the coconut. As for the V05, I think they had a big selection. But I didn't see any brand called White rain, oh well.

    I also bought the papaya conditioner, it's really nice. It's cheap, natural and CG friendly. Not to mention it smells really good. I also got some FruitKicks mousse, it has the silicone that starts with a...amodimenthicone I think. But I think it works well so i'll clarify now and then so that I can keep using it.

    Thanks for the replies. Any other suggestions would be helpful, and also if anyone knows if amodimenthicone can be removed without sulfates that would help.

    Ps: since I started using them, i think I'm all 3A now. Like, the under layers are curly, tighter than the 3A picture, but the top layer won't really curl, it's flat so I just pull it back into one of those pony tails that's only at the top, if you know what I mean...
    Not sure what type of hair I have, but it's curly!
  • threequarterscurlythreequarterscurly Registered Users Posts: 24
    I just went to the dollar store and they have white rain there, so I may pick some up eventually.
    Not sure what type of hair I have, but it's curly!

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