Where do you store your extra lipsticks?

SpiralliSpiralli Registered Users Posts: 3,684 Curl Connoisseur
I keep mine in the fridge now. Until a few weeks ago, I was keeping them in drawer in my bathroom, in their original boxes. Decided to go the fridge route after I opened one of my stash lipsticks to have it smell like old crayons and had horrible taste.
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  • alacurlalacurl Registered Users Posts: 1,199 Curl Novice
    I only have one in the refrigerator; most are in room temperature. But I don't have a lot of lipsticks or pencils because I mostly use glosses (which I keep at room temp). By the time they go bad, I'm sick of them anyway and ready to throw them out! :glasses8:
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  • PoodleheadPoodlehead Registered Users Posts: 6,959
    Mine are all in the linen closet in my hall. I wear lipstick so infrequently, yet I am drawn to all the pretty colors.
    Minneapolis, MN

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