final sulphate wash? and protein free Co?

Hi guys, i'm new to the forum but have read all about CG and I WANT! lol
I have very coarse, high porosity hair which is currently a frizzy nightmare. No idea what curl type i am as my hair is flat and straight for the first 2 inches, and then goes into tight ringlets for the rest.... but from what i've read it isn't that important!

Was going to run straight to the bathroom and start CG today, but my umpteen bottles of poo and Co are all full of cones :angry6:

So my questions... with the final sulphate poo wash before i start, i was wondering can i use liquid soap? From what i can see it only has one sulphate and no cones in it so it should strip any previous cones off without leaving additional ones on right?

Also when shopping, how do i know whether a co is protein rich or not? I want to avoid them, but not sure if there are particular ingredients that "mean" protein rich.

Anyway, i'll try and add a photo. I know i have a hat on, but you can see that my hair is just a dry brittle mess. Here's praying for a shiny curly miracle!
Very coarse and highly porous hair.
Started learning CG 25/10/09.

Things i like so far: Lemon juice rinse!


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    Welcome! Your hair sounds very similar to mine :)

    As far as doing a final sulfate rinse, I'm not sure it would be ok. I think it has a different pH than what you need and I'm not sure how that would work. If you're totally desperate, Suave's Clarifying Shampoo is like a dollar and you would have extra if you ever need to clarify again (this happens sometimes).

    Here's a good quote on protein from a resident expert, RCC:
    Hydrolized anything. Hydrolized (the word) doesn't mean protein, but it is the process of making proteins smaller by the use of water since proteins are pretty big. Common one are hydrolized wheat, soy, silk, oat, rice, etc.

    Amino acids. These are the building blocks of protein and can act like protein on hair. These tend to be smaller. Some people who can't handle regular sized protein can handle amio acids.

    This link lists the names of some amino acids. Sometimes you will get lucky and a label will just say something like "silk amino acids"

    Extracts. This is a harder one for me to decipher. In a nutshell, if an extract is from a substance that contains protein, the extract may act like a protein on your hair. One we see is the Brewer's Yeast extract in the Elucence conditioner. Grain/grass/plant extracts are not uncommon in products, and most of them probably act proteinish. We think of grains and plants as carbs, but they do have some protein also - think of those folks who can't eat wheat because they are allergic to the gluten protein. While extracts from grains can have protein, most oils from grains shouldn't and they should be protein free fat.

    Jojoba oil. It's really a liquid wax and does contains proteins. I hate this stuff on my hair straight, but I can deal with it in a product if the rest of the ingredients balance it out.

    Coconout oil. It does not contain proteins. But, for some people, it helps with protein retention in the hair and cfan still feel like a protein product. It sort of just keep what protein you have, which is good for some, and not good for others.

    Anything with keratin. Keratin is hair protein.

    Placenta. It's muscle - and has protein, just like meat.

    I use a V05 conditioner for co-washing (be careful because some of them do have protein; I like the raspberry one) and GVP Conditioning Balm from Sally's for my rinse-out.

    Good luck!
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    Wow! Looks like a bit of a minefield! Thanks though!

    I will have to try and find some good products here in the UK. I have looked through about 12 bottles of poo and co that i had lying around, and every one contains sulphates and cones.

    This evening i tried just Co washing without poo, and my hair has gone much softer, but i'm going to need to get rid of the cones asap as i can already feel a build up on my scalp despite really massaging it.

    Does anyone know of any good low poo/ no poo shampoos, and any conditioners that are cone free and low protein here in the UK?

    I will have a look for that VO5 conditioner jenn, see if we have it here, thank you for that!

    Here's to experimenting!... Day 1! :blob7:
    Very coarse and highly porous hair.
    Started learning CG 25/10/09.

    Things i like so far: Lemon juice rinse!
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    Keep in mind that most have a transition period when they first go cg. I did but mine only involved tangling and a little itchy scalp, it will pass and don't give up.

    Here is a thread that may help you find some products in UK>
    Very Thick dry 3b BSL.
    Fine, medium porosity
    Right now I am using GVP conditioning balm for cowash and RO,
    my hair loves protein.
    for styling my base is BRHG I can use it alone but prefer with Curl Keeper. I sulphate poo once a month or so as needed.
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    Wow, awesomeness! Thank you very much for that list! i'll be going shopping this week me thinks!

    I too am worried about scalp problems as i suffer quite severe psoriasis, but will see how it goes.

    Thank you again!
    Very coarse and highly porous hair.
    Started learning CG 25/10/09.

    Things i like so far: Lemon juice rinse!