Does this happen to you?

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Does this happen to anyone else?

After I straighten my hair (I use a Paul Brown ceramic straightener) my hair stays straight-ish for a day or two. But then I wash my hair again and boom my hair becomes even curlier than when I started.

Initially I thought that this was because I couldn't remember exactly how my hair was previously, but did my own little experiment and that is not the case. It's actually curlier!

It's a curly revolt!:protest:


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    I think the reason why your hair gets curlier than before is because of lack of moisture. I would know because in 2007, my hair was unbelievably dry and damaged and it would stay straight while I went to bed, but in the morning, it's almost like it was undone! But, right now, since my hair's moisture is restored because of the Brazilian Keratin Treatment, it will last for a whole week. So, at least for me, more moisture = longer lasting style. I would try doing a deep treatment in the shower before styling and using a leave-in and serum. The flat iron I'm currently using is the REVLON with the large gold plates. HTH!
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    Hey :laughing1: I have the same thing happen to me!! I use john frieda heat treatment thought but yes my curls are like heyyyyyyyyyy! lol!
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    Scissors. Think of it like this, your mixing dirty clothes with clean clothes, you can use all the perfum you want (hair product) but the dirty clothes (permed hair) will never be clean, will eventually get old, raggedy, and eventually start shredding/breaking(natural&permed hair). Don't waste your time. Transitioning for most is a :boxing: fight that relaxed hair will win!

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