Humidifier maintenance

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We finally busted out our humidifier to start using it this year, only to find that it was pretty yucky since we didn't clean it properly at the end of last year. So I bought a new one and we're determined to take better care of this one so it lasts.

The instructions say to empty, rinse, and wipe dry after each use. Then once a week, to soak the "pickup tube" in vinegar and disinfect the base with bleach. This all seems like a lot of work. What do you all do with your humidifiers? Also, we use it twice a day (at night, and during Solomon's nap). So if I do have to empty/rinse/dry every day, is it okay to just do it after his nap or should I be doing it twice a day?

And how often do I need to replace the filter?

Thanks in advance for any replies.
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    I empty and rinse dry after each use. I don't think I would do it twice a day. Once is enough hassle. I also clean mine each week with vinegar but I have never disinfected with bleach. My instructions only tell me to rinse the water container with bleach occasionally. I also don't have a filter on mine. I only buy those that don't take filters because we have lots of calcium in our water and the filters get clogged up pretty quickly. Because I don't have a filter, I have to use vinegar to clean it once a week whether I want to or not.

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