Home made BC, help!! s.o.s.

BashiiBashii Posts: 1Registered Users
Hello every one I'm a new member I'm usually on bhm but this morning I got sick of my permed hair I'd already decided to go natural and grow out of my perm but i am not retaining the length especially in the front ...

So I grabbed the scissors and started cutting inches off of my hair. I smiled it looked healthier already but very short, I have a date tomorrow and I'd like to look nice but IDK what to do!!

What are some styles some of you ladies wear while going natural, any tips suggestion any thing would be greatly appreciated


  • FallOutCurlFallOutCurl Posts: 339Registered Users
    Congrats on the BC. Where abouts does your hair come up to? Unfortunately if it is a TWA (Teenie Weenie Afro) there isn't much one can do except rock it with some curls here and there. Good luck on the date:flower:
  • Lt SunshineLt Sunshine Posts: 38Registered Users
    Congrats on your BC Bashii! I hope your date was good! In the future, you can jazz up your twa with an embellished headband or flower accessory (Icing in the malls have a ton)....they're super cute.