Any Good Atkins Recepies!!!

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I am just looking for some good recepies. I have goone to and gotten some ideas but I am looking for good food!!! Good low Carb Chocolate dishes, diiner and, breakfast,lunch,snack, ANYTHING!!!

medium porosity - medium thickness


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    CP told me about the following and she's said some of the recipes were great!

    I hope they help. My SIL gave me the Atkins Recipe book, and while it doesn't have tons of recipes, and some would be expensive, I find it handy for figuring out substitutes. It's also got a great French Onion Soup recipe that I made last year. has low carb mixes you can buy to make cheesecake, cookies, cakes and others that are chocolate flavored. I haven't tried any of those. But the Carbolite Chocolate bars tast great. I actually like the Atkins Endulge bars better, because they're more like a dark chocolate. I'm still wanting to chop some up and, using the Atkins Bake Mix my sister gave me, try to make chocolate chip cookies.
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    Check diabetic cookbooks, you'll be amazed at the variety of recipes.
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    maybe its a sign from the low carbs gods or something but my air popper broke so i wont be able to make any popcorn anymore so this was cool for me to read. dag now what do people eat for snacks? icon_sad.gif God bless you all.
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    Yesterday I found Creamy Cinnamon Bun Breakfast Bars from Atkins!!! OMG, They are really good!!!! I also eat cheese and ummmm... I guess I need some help also!!

    Great websites!!! I looked and got some good ideas!!

    Thank you all for your help!! Keep em comin!!!
    medium porosity - medium thickness
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    hmmm that sounds like a great variety of snacks. i think the kiwi would satisfy my sweet tooth and the nuts will be for when i need to munch. i guess even on the atkins or low carb moderation of even the fatty things is key. so a handful or nuts(low sodium)or seeds (unsalted) would be good. i unitentionally stayed away from cheese and dairy but i may introduce it slowly to see if has any effect on me.

    btw what is a low carb salad dressing? does atkins or any of those low carb dressings? or ketchup or any of those condiments? i dont want to spend a fortune on low carb stuff because i usually buy the ketchup or whatever that is on sale. i hate that fake sugar taste too. it just leaves a bad aftertaste.

    is it possible to be on the low carb thing and still eat lowfat? i know string cheese is lowfat and so are the fruits and veggies but wont the nuts get you? i guess in moderation. i'm not 100% on a atkins type of thing just low carb and i made an observation. which i believe is important is to look at how your body responds. yesterday i ate more protein the day before and this morning i wasnt bloated and my face looked slimmer. of course if i drink more water i could combat all of it. also when i had less carbs even without exercise i felt my muscles instead of puffiness. i mean why spend all those hours a week working out only to see yourself all puffy.

    i love the websites. i saw so many recipes. i thought this low carb thing would be limited because when i did no carb i didnt have much variety but there is tons to eat and you dont feel deprived. i want to try out the "mashed potatoes" icon_razz.gif

    and HARMONY i plan to check out the atkins aisle one more time. last time i tried the bake mix and i didnt have all the ingredients and i tried to substitute and it came out all nasty. i dont know if having everything to a t would have made a difference it probably would have but at the time i was majorly discouraged. so i guess i will try it this time.

    OMG I HAD ONE OF HIS BARS COME TO THINK OF IT. i swore i was eating one of the regular candy bars. i'm more into hard candies then bars but since i stopped all of that i had substituted popcorn and grapefruit. i guess i will look into having the bars once a week and see how my body reacts. God bless you all.
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    It's very difficult to eat low-fat and low-carb because most manufactured products that are low in fat are high in sugars (dressings, etc.).
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    The salad dressing I use is just regular old Ranch, store brand, that has 1 carb per 2 T serving.
    I agree, it's difficult to do low fat and low carb. One thing I was told was only ablut 3% of fat will be converted into anything that would affect blood glucose/insulin levels. Atkins does say not to go overboard with fat, but not to be overly concerned about it, either. As far as the nuts are concerned, recent studies have shown a health benefit in having 1-2 servings of nuts per week.
    A favorite dessert for me is 1C cream, 1C water and Jello sugar-free instant pudding. First I mix the pudding with the water, then I blend in the cream. Put in fridge, and eat later. A friend blended in softened cream cheese and it was divine!

    To help with that sweet tooth, don't forget about sugar-free Jello.
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    My snacks can be:
    string cheese,
    a kiwi fruit,
    a salad,
    reheated meat (like italian sausage) with pieces of cheese,
    sunflower or pumpkin seeds,
    sliced cukes or celery or tomatoes dipped in 0 carb ranch dressing,
    ham slices smeared with cream cheese and rolled up over wedge of cuke then sliced to look like pinwheels (sometimes I add a slice of american cheese for variation)
    low-carb bars. I like Carbsolution better than the old Atkins.
    I can't think of more right now.
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    CP gave me a piece of that pizza this morning and it's awesome!
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    Sugar free jello is great. It also satisfies my urges for fruit.

    Recipes I make that everyone likes, low carb or not. My son begs me to make the stuffed chicken, which is really nice with a salad with ranch dressing. The Chicken strips look like they are a professional coating, they look like they come out a box or from a resturant. I was totally shocked how good they are. These are both recipes I modified and this is how I make them. One I got from my friend and the other is modified from low

    Chicken Strips.

    1 lb Boneless skinless chicken breasts or boneless skin tenders
    1/2-1 Cup Atkins Bake Mix
    1 egg
    3 tablespoons heavy cream
    pepper to taste
    salt to taste
    hot sauce (optional)
    Oil to deep fry
    Ranch dressing for dipping

    Pour the Atkins bakemix in a double plastic bag. Season the bakemix with salt and pepper just like you would do for frying chicken with regular flour. Set aside. Cut up chicken breasts. In a shallow bowl, beat egg, and cream, and hot sauce if you want a little tang and sprinkle in some pepper. Heat oil. Dip chicken pieces in egg mixture and then put in plastic bag and shake with bakemix, only 2-3 piece at a time. lay Chickn out on plastic wrap and let the coating get moist. Continue until all of the chicken is covered. The oil needs to be HOT, very hot, just prior to smoking. The oil has to be hot enough to really seal the coating, if not the coating will start falling off as it cooks. When you add all the chicken the oil will cool, you can also turn it down a little after maybe a minute. The atkins mix bubbles as it cooks. You have to leave a lot of room in the pan/skillet to allow for this. The chicken will cook fast because it is boneless, it will be done in 5-10 minutes, more like 7. Drain on paper towels. Dip in Ranch dressing (NOT LOW FAT DRESSING) and enjoy with a low carb beer. Great for the weekends.

    Stuffed Chicken Breasts

    4 Strips of Bacon
    4 Chicken breasts
    1 pack of cream cheese
    2-8 tablespoons of Shredded Colby Cheese (optional)
    Italian Seasoning
    Salt to taste
    Pepper to taste

    Plastic Wrap

    Heat Oven to 375

    Lay out plastic wrap on counter large enough for 2 breasts pounded flat (its easiest to do 2 at a time). Season the breasts on both sides with the salt, pepper, and italian seasoning (be generous with this). Cover with another piece of plastic wrap, pound flat with a hammer. Cut the cream cheese into 4 pieces. Place one piece in the center of a breast, sprinkle on italian seasoning, sprinkle on a tablespoon or 2 Shredded Colby. Roll the breast up, secure with toothpicks if desired. Wrap in a slice of bacon. Place in Pan. Repeat for all breasts. Bake at 375 for 30 minutes, test with meat therometer.

    I have a pizza recipe I will add later.

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